Some of the media coverage SKYGLOW has received...

Some of the media coverage SKYGLOW has received...


Sunday, September 17, 2017 - Clyde Iron Works
6:30pm 8:30pm

Internationally renowned timelapse filmmaker Harun Mehmedinovic of the SKYGLOW Project will be presenting incredible time-lapse movies of the clearest, darkest skies in the North America.

The result of a three-year journey of over 150,000 miles traveled and 3,000,000 pictures taken, Harun and Gavin Heffernan have explored North America’s remaining magnificent night skies and the threat of light pollution to our fragile environment.

SKYGLOW explores the history and mythology of celestial observation, the proliferation of electrical outdoor lighting that spurred the rise of the phenomena known as "skyglow," and discusses the Dark Sky Movement that's reclaiming our visual access to the night skies

After the presentation Harun will be on hand to autograph their new hardcover photo book and DVD. All proceeds go back into the SKYGLOW Project fund, to further document our beautiful night skies.

$10 Adult - $5 Child / Senior - $25 Family
Tickets available here