Our Vision

Reclaiming the stars!


Guess what? All across the globe, the night sky is getting dimmer and dimmer. Even here at home, along Lake Superior, the stars are harder and harder to see every year!

This is the result of light pollution. Imagine, for instance, using a lamp without a lampshade: this is one type of light pollution, and there's more of it every year.

People all across the region have a vision of a Duluth and Lake Superior free of light pollution and full of starry skies. Because of our location, we have a rare opportunity to become nationally recognized for our stewardship of our sky.

Learn more about light pollution! It's an interesting subject, not about turning off the lights, but lighting the night better. Let's work together to reclaim the stars!

Our vision:  

  • Duluth and other communities around lake Superior becoming certified International Dark Sky Places
  • Universal awareness of light pollution and appreciation of the night sky.


  • Implementing star-friendly outdoor lighting ordinances  
  • Developing regional astrotourism resources
  • Fostering active community groups that host accessible education, gathering, and outreach.



Image courtesy of Travis Novitsky   http://www.travisnovitsky.com