Applying for IDA chapter status!

We had our first organizational meeting this week, and momentum is building! After putting out a low-buzz Dark Sky vibe for a number of years, four of us got together and are officially applying for official International Dark Sky Association chapter status!Cynthia Lapp, Randy Larson, Anita Anderson and Cindy Hakala after the historic Organizational Meeting.

Dark Sky Duluth has been a very loose group of folks interested in seeing the stars in Duluth - better star visibility means less light pollution, lower lighting costs, energy savings, a boost for human health, and improving the habitat quality for all the other animals we share our environment with.

We have been busy spreading excitement about Dark Skies, the possibility of boosting our city tourism by becoming a Dark Sky destination, working with folks from the Arrowhead Astronomical Society, supporting Dark Sky lighting regulations for the City of Duluth, and getting folks excited about seeing the Milky Way from town, once again! With potential support from IDA, we could be seeing stars that much sooner!

Just after the meeting, Mary Treuer came by and became our first new member! Our group is already growing!

Jeniece and Paul just joined - way to go Dark Sky supporters!!!

Cynthia Lapp