Lake Superior Communities    

we support a "Night Sky Friendly" region!       


When we say "Starry Skies Lake Superior" we mean it! Our reach is all of the communities around Superior, including three states and one province, numerous First Nations Communities and Native American Sovereign Nations.

We have written a letter of invitation to all Lake Superior community leaders to create a "night sky friendly" region -- we invite you to assist in spreading the word!

We engage communities in ways that fit their infrastructure decision-making, resources and values. Some communities may choose to pursue "Dark Sky" certification with the International Dark-Sky Association. Each community chooses their path.

Starry Skies Lake Superior is here to serve with information about lessening light pollution, supporting human health, the health of our ecosystem, and the quality of life we enjoy around the SPECTACULAR and great Lake Superior!

(click on letter to enlarge, drag to download)

As you can see below in these alternating images from the Dark Site Finder website, most of our region is affected by light pollution.

Together, we can decrease the amount of light pollution in our region, and increase the quality of life for ourselves and all things living in our environment.